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Turn social media and email into laser guided knowledge bombs!

There is a difference between social media and social networking. Social Media is wish marketing. You wish people who might buy from you will pay attention. Social Networking is making sure people who know, like, and trust you pay attention to your posts and act when they are ready. The real difference is how, where, and when you deliver your messages.


You can't be all things to all people, all the time. A few people may need what you are sharing right now. Messages should resonate with the right people at the right time.


You have to know where your target audience is hanging out and be present. Your social posting and emailing should work as a system that creates awareness and action.


Your social networking and email should ask a question, encouraging readers to click for the answer. That means knowing what’s on the minds of your target market.

Click Worthy!

Your main goal is to get people to click a link and end up back on your website. It takes an enticing message that gets people to pay attention, and leaves them wanting more.

How we do it?

Content Strategy

A content calendar is a tool but not a strategy. Your content creation should be a system that is current and timely. Our system parses out content in a sequence that maximizes engagement and encourages people to take action.

Social Posting

Posting is a numbers game. The average post is only seen by 150 people. We help you amplify that to reach thousands of impressions. That helps your messages reach the right people at the exact moment it will resonate with them.

Email Marketing

Email that echoes your social media messaging gets opened and links get clicked. Target email can have a 50% open rate (the average is 20%). Putting you messages out in multiple formats is key to getting people to act on them.

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