Email Mastery

Case overview

Email is the most effective one-to-one marketing method, yet it's often associated with spam. That's because so many businesses try to use it for prospecting. It can be extremely effective when you have a list of current, past, and prospective customers. It's a great way to educate, build trust, and drive traffic to your website. 

The Brief

Email lists suffer from atrophy. They often contain bounced, unsubscribed, and dead emails still being equated to success. It's not about the number of emails you have on the list, it's about how many are actively engaging with your emails.

Businesses often think that once a month is enough to promote an email newsletter. In today's short attention span theater, more frequent emails with one main topic work much better. Also, when people interact with your website, you can automate a sequence to reinforce how and why they came to you in the first place. This can solidify the entire sales process.

Our Approach

We use web forms to 100% integrate with our email program. When someone fills out a form, that integrates the data with the email program and triggers automation. People will fill out a form and download an Ebook, but often get busy and forget to read it. The email drip triggered a sequence, serving up one chapter at a time in each email. The drip emails are spread over days and weeks, reminding the user that they were interested enough to share their info. It spreads over days and weeks and reminds the user they were interested enough to share their info.

Our clients also provide monthly reports that includes additional information like the salesperson assigned, industry segmentation, and other information gathered into their CRM. That data is used to update and tag (segment) the contact. This allows us to customize the message for their details, like name, industry, and concerns, based on the data added to their record.

The Results

Cleaning up and pruning email lists helps to provide a clearer picture of each email's relevance and effectiveness. It can also save money since email programs charge you based on the number of contacts in your list.

Automated emails can help to measure the interest of a specific prospect in the topic or Ebook to gauge their desire for follow-up and more information. It becomes a tool for salespeople.

Targeting the content (one main message per email) and increasing the frequency (once per week) increases user engagement. Personalization also increases engagement. Email is probably the most effective tool to generate targeted and qualified traffic back to your website.


Average inactive contact in email mailing lists


increase in click and open rates for personalized email


Email driven web traffic over social media posts