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Are you in the business of selling products to other business? Your customers typically sell their products or services to consumers. You do not.

Why are you using consumer-based tactics to sell your products?

True B2B marketing requires a long-term commitment and building trust with your business clients, not mass marketing. Consumer tactics do not work on B2B selling.

The average marketing system is consumer focused. It relies heavily on SEO traffic and lead funneling to target the masses.

You are not selling to the general public;
you are Business to Business.

For example, Most traditional marketing agencies use SEO to generate website traffic for 1,000 leads. Those leads turn into 100 calls, and 10 out of 100 calls lead to a closing with a new customer.

In B2B, it’s not the traffic that matters. The goal is to attract interest from the right people and increase their engagement.

B2B engagement takes time. A trusting relationship must be created before a sale happens in the B2B world.

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